Let the Merging Begin

Helmet curves 1
Once upon a time I created a 3D model of a baseball helmet using creo elements/pro 5.0, the hybrid version of Pro/E Wildfire 5.0® and what would eventually become Creo®. It was fun and took my skills to a new level. It’s worth it to add that getting to the point of building that helmet was the result of 3-4 years of trial and error with other parts.Helmet merge 1

Afterwards, I shared images of the helmet on PlanetPTC and created a screencast that I uploaded to YouTube. The quality was shameful and since then I have gotten better screen recording software and published a nicer video, although I still need practice. My reason for posting the first video was as a means of record keeping for myself, but gradually the number of views grew greater than I expected and I received two requests to share the .prt file of the helmet.

At first, I could not accommodate the requests because I could not find the file, it was on a lost flash drive. Now, rest assured, I would not be talking this much about it if I hadn’t recovered the file.

You are welcome to download  the helmet.



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