Intersecting two sketches to create a 3D curve

The Intersect tool can be applied to surfaces or sketches. The sketches must be on perpendicular planes. For best results, the sketches should also begin and end coplanar to each other. A 3D curve can be useful as a boundary for a Boundary Blend or as the trajectory of a Sweep.


The blue curves are the 2D sketches and the green curve is the result of Intersecting them. By default, the sketches will become hidden after completing the Intersect and they can be unhidden as needed from the model tree.


  1. Create the first sketch.
  2. On a perpendicular plane, create the second sketch. Create references of the first sketches endpoints and place parallel centerlines on each endpoint. Use the centerlines to constrain the endpoints of your second sketch.


  1. Complete the sketch and select both sketches in the model tree or on screen. Go to Model>Editing>Intersect.
  2. Edit the definition of either 2D sketch to change the shape of your 3D curve.
A final surface Sweep applied to the 3D curve.

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