3 thoughts on “Downloads

    1. I’ll do my best to put this into words right now and then in the next few days I’ll try to work up a blog post with some visual aids.

      Let’s say you were building a wire-frame of sketches and curves. You’ll have at least one main curve that several other curves attach to. With the ribbon feature you can place a strip or ribbon (which is a surface) along this main curve while at the same time you can choose the intersecting curves as tangential references for the ribbon. The ribbon will twist itself as needed to be tangent to all of the secondary curves.

      When you begin constructing your boundary blends you’ll have the ribbon to use as a tangential reference for the boundary blends. So, before you build the first boundary blend, you have a pre-existing surface to use as a tangency reference.

      It’s hard to understand how valuable the ribbon is until it you have used it to solve a difficult surfacing problem. Don’t judge it’s worth until you’ve tried it. I think you’ll love it.

      I appreciate the question. Feel free to reply to get further clarification.


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